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Not Seeing Benefits from eGPU with FCP 10.4.5 nor Apple Compressor 4.4.3 ... Or ...

Not Seeing Benefits from eGPU with FCP 10.4.5 nor Apple Compressor 4.4.3 ... Or any other apps.  


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While I do know that there are a number of apps that are not yet optimized to take advantage of an eGPU I also know that the list of apps that dow will continue to grow.
HOWEVER, I am not seeing any benefit from my eGPU with either FCP or Compressor. So, I am wondering if perhaps, I have not been holding cocking my head at the right angle.

My Equipment
- 2018 MacMini 6Core, 32Gb, 500Gb hd
- Razer Core 650w
- ATI Radeon Vega 64 8Gb

I have already right clicked on the app and selected "Prefer eGPU" for the apps in question (along with a bunch of other graphics apps. 

Is there anything else I can do to get it to work? (Yes, the power is on and the cables are plugged in ... LOL)

Also, when I look into the Activity Monitor I do not see any indicator that will let me see if it is even being used at all.

Lastly, should I have my 4k monitor (HDMI) plugged into the Mini or the Razer or does it make a difference?

Thank you in advance for your wit and wisdom.

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Activity Monitor > CMD + 4 for GPU History. Plug in your monitor to the eGPU (improves timeline perf) rather than the Mac mini and keep the Prefer eGPU box ticked (improves rendering perf). H264 exports may use the Intel hardware encoder/decoder (it's among the fastest ways to encode), and H265 encodes via VideoToolBox (Apple's encoding API) uses the T2 chip (whose usage you won't see in Activity monitor).

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