suggestions for a GPU for C4D + After Effects workflow?
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suggestions for a GPU for C4D + After Effects workflow?  


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AMD Rx 580 8gb or Nvidia 1070/1080/Ti - all of them should work with my eGPU ( TB3 sonnet, 350W), and my TB2 macbook pro (dgpu 750m). 
Does anyone have made this work with one of them, will AMD or Nvidia work in you opinion fits my workflow?
as you know C4D uses the Amd Pro Render, AE uses CUDA, so I'm looking to buy a GPU that would work best for both of these applications for modeling and rendering, I might need to use Octane or RedShift depends on the GPU I choose.
Any bit of info and sharing your experience will be helpful.

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You're sort of asking two separate questions: which cards are (in theory) best for those applications, and which cards work best with that Mac.

The NVIDIA cards easily the more powerful, better option for video apps. But the NVIDIA cards won't work on your Mac without some hacks. You'll need to use the GPU Wrangler or similar script discussed in the Thunderbolt Mac forum or similar option and try your luck (might work some days, might not work others depending on your OS version and script version and driver version).

So short answer: the RX 580 will be a lot easier to set up and work the same way every time, but slower than all three of those NVIDIA cards (probably) in those apps, IF you can manage to get one of them set up and working.

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