Use eGPU and laptop internal dGPU simultaneously
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Use eGPU and laptop internal dGPU simultaneously  


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Hi all,

Yoga 720 15IKB with dGPU GTX1050, I use for 3D modelling etc.

I want to add additional eGPU - Razer Core X with RTX3080 or similar, for GPU rendering only (example Octane render).

Question: I want to use my laptop as per normal eg laptop screen and apps using dGPU. Then when I need to call on heavy compute (like rendering) my apps can see the eGPU RTX3080 and I can select it for compute?

eg. have access to either GPU as see fit for usage, eg. can use dGPU and eGPU simultaneously, eg. device manager recognizes all GPU etc

Your experience from using any windows 10 laptop and an eGPU would be helpful.

Lon.TV have video using with eGPU fine, but states beginning video he has turned off the laptop monitor - which is frustrating I would like to know more about the set-up:

Could he then turn the laptop monitor on OK while eGPU plugged in..then if so does that mean the laptop monitor could be run by the internal GTX1050 while EGPU plugged in. Have reached out for ccomment but doubt will hear anything.

Have you had issues with any laptop trying to utilize both GPU, have you resolved them? Drivers or setting etc?



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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.