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2018 Mac mini Cube 200mm Cooling Stand  


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The G4 Cube is my most favorite computer design. It's an 8-in cube floating in the air thanks to an acrylic enclosure. The 2018 Mac mini has a 7.7 x 7.7-in footprint so I thought I could replicate the cube looks with acrylic panels. 4 hours and $30 later here is the result.

All hardware parts were from the local Home Depot. Here are the exact part list if you'd like to replicate this build:

  • 2x Lexdan .093 x 8 x 10-in polycarbonate sheet
  • 1x 2.8oz Tranlucent Silicone Sealant
  • 1x Plastic Scoring Tool/Knife
  • 4x M5-.8 70mm Phillips Screws

Cutting the acrylic panels took the most time and effort. I cut three 4 x 8-in panels for the front and side. The rear panel is a left over piece which is about 1 x 8-in so that the top can expose Mac mini rear ports and opening in the bottom for intake.

While the sealant was drying, I mounted the four m5-.8 70mm screws onto the 200mm cooling fan. The footprint of this fan is slightly smaller than the Mac mini so it serves as a perfect platform. I connected the fan through a USB adapter. This same connection was working very well in my ITX tower build with this Mac mini

The original plan was to suspend the Mac mini in a similar style as G4 Cube. Unfortunately I don't have the skills or tools to accomplish that idea. Going with four long screws that serves as legs for the fan was the fallback plan. I wish I made better measurements so that the top of Mac mini sits flush or slight below the top edge of the plexiglas enclosure. 65mm or 60mm screws should lower the platform and achieve that look.

My hope is that someone or Mac accessories vendors with better tooling can improve this idea and offer a 200mm cooling base for the Mac mini. Having front I/Os would be amazing too!

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Is there a better way to bond acrylic panels together? The glue method seems a little messy or maybe it needs to dry. Or maybe there exists a more transparent glue than the silicone sealant.

Would shorter screws allow for adjustable height?

To achieve the floating aesthetic, you have to remove the vertical screws. Make them horizontal and attach to the acrylic panels. Perhaps two on the side and one in the rear (a triangle), leaving the front clear. The acrylic is 2.4 mm thick. Maybe the screws can be attached from the inside into holes 1.5 mm deep so the outside surface is unmarred.

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