Akitio Node Pro fan header is underpowered.  


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March 12, 2019 2:26 pm  

Just discovered that Akitio Node Pro fan header is underpowered. Just by the noise itself, I can perceive that my Noctua NF-A9 spins at different RPMs when plugged into the fan header vs. the power supply (I tested when the Node Pro was plugged in and the PSU was inside Node Pro).

I don't have RPM meter, so can't say for sure, but when plugged into a PWM controller the NF-B9 tops out at 1100-1200 RPM when the PWM controller is plugged into the fan port while if the same PWM controller is powered from the 12V rail of the PSU, the fan spins at 1550-1600 RPM.

My guess is that Akitio just built a low-noise adapter into the Node Pro to silence the stock fan a little, so I'm sharing this just to let people know that the fan you'll buy may be spinning at less than max RPM.

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