AKiTiO Node Pro: Power Supply Replacement Guide.
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AKiTiO Node Pro: Power Supply Replacement Guide.  

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Just did this upgrade myself, also with a SF600. So far seems to be working flawlessly. 

Was a bit worried when it didn't start up the first time; I missed the part about needing to use the paperclip trick. Ended up adding a permanent connection between the PWR_ON  and GND pins to make the unit turn on automatically when the TB3 cable is connected. Thanks to @shadethegrey for the picture outlining which pins to join. Once I fashioned my own jumper, it works exactly as it did with the old PSU. 

Only thing left now is to replace the bottom fan with a quieter one. Anyone have any insight on the best (quietest) fan to use? 

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I made some custom cables for akitio node pro for silversotneSFX and corsair SF450 powersupplies - 6pin power + 2x6+2pin pci-e - i make it for one guy - i dont have case with me right now






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