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Aorus Gaming Box PSU Coil Whine?  


Dustin Stoddart
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Hi all,

I've happily been using my Aorus Gaming Box 1080 with a my Razer Blade 14 for some months. I decided to switch over to a Razer Blade Stealth, which is able to charge through the Thunderbolt port. Really excited to just have a single cord going to my laptop now. Unfortunately, whenever I plug the Stealth in to the Gaming Box, the Box begins to emit a very loud, really shrill coil whine. I took all the shrouds off of the Gaming Box, and it appears to be coming from the PSU. Furthermore, as I plug in the laptop's AC adapter, the coil whine from the Gaming Box will stop.

Is this a normal to have loud coil whine when charging from the eGPU, or is it possible that I just replace the PSU and the coil whine will go away? What would you do? Cheers, and thanks for your advice. I truly appreciate it.

2019 Razer Blade Stealth (MX 150) + Aorus Gaming Box 1080

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Ryan Quellet
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I have a Gaming Box 2070 and also notice this coil whine coming from the PSU. My spectrometer approximates the whine to be at 9656hz. Really shrill and loud.

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Exactly the same for me, it's been 1 month since I'm using this box (Aorus Gaming Box 1080, same as you), and I started yesterday having some issues (Screen flickering, this coil whine, etc). Notice that i've always used the gaming box to power my laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad T480) without any problem. Now I use the regular AC Adapter and noises are gone, probably the PSU of the gaming box.

I will return the product for a warranty repair soon, hope the new one will be fixed, at this price range, problems like that aren't really ok...

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I just asked about this from Sonnet because my Breakaway 550W Box also has coil whine, but only in these scenarios:

- the battery is fully charged (and laptop is powered by the Sonnet box)
- laptop's own charger is not attached

So basically when the box is charging the laptop there's no noise to be heard or it's much lower in volume but when the battery reaches 100% then the noise starts to ramp up.
According to Sonnet this is caused by the box & laptop's Thunderbolt circuits by which the charging power is moved and it's not a fault but regular behaviour.

I've also already swapped 1 Box because I thought it was faulty, but this second device does exactly the same. So all you who posted before, don't try and send your eGPU's to a warranty check, they'll just come out like they were before.

tldr: it's not a fault, but perhaps more like bad design

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