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ASUS 2070S on Lenovo BoostStation power issue  


Panayiotis Ioannou
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I have just got an ASUS RTX2070S to use with my Lenovo BoostStation. Unfortunately when I insert the device and plug both 6pin and 8pin connectors the eGPU does not power up at all. When I try to power up the BoostStation with only the 8pin connected it powers up but since both connectors are needed I didn't plug it to my laptop. If only the 6pin is connected the BoostStation doesn't power up either. 

It looks like a power related issue but in theory the BoostStation should handle the power load.

FYI I have been previously using a GTX 1070 without any issues. 

I am not sure what else I can try to troubleshoot the problem so any help is appreciated!



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