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Cable efficiency problem  


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I have a question which is probably really obvious to answer, but I couldn't search for it. Typically, what's the best way to connect the cables with a MacBook, an eGPU, and an external display?
Is it eGPU -- MacBook -- monitor, monitor -- eGPU -- MacBook, or MacBook -- monitor -- eGPU?

I'm quite confuzzled, and knowing this would help me plan out what cables I should buy.
Thanks in advance for any input you could give me!

Still no eGPU yet 🙁

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eGPU -- MacBook -- monitor - Works but not the best way due to not directly accelerating the display.
monitor -- eGPU -- MacBook - Best option
MacBook -- monitor -- eGPU - Won't work (unless I have missed something?) egpu needs to be connected to your Laptop.

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