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Corsair SF750 & Mantiz Venus  


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I have one of the original Venus units with a DSL6540CA v1.0 main board and 80mm case fan. I've been using it for years with a GTX 1070 mini with no major problems. I recently purchased an RTX 2070 super, and the PSU fan noise has increased considerably (assumed to be because it is drawing more current than the 1070). In an attempt to minimize eGPU noise, I replaced the case fan with a Noctua equivalent and bought a Corsair SF750 platinum to replace the stock FSP 550W gold SFX psu. I thought this would be a simple drop in and go, but that has not been the case.

When I tried to operate the unit after installing the SF750, nothing seemed to work with the exception of hearing some clicking along with a short bit of fan movement in the PSU. This PSU does not spin the fan at low loads. No power to the GPU, no recognition of the Venus as Tbolt3 device with or without a GPU installed (had SSD attached via USB 3 to test without GPU). I tried adjusting connections and using different sets of pcie power cables for the PSU with no change in results. I then re-attached the original FSP PSU, and experienced the same issues that I was having with the new PSU: PSU fan running, no power to GPU, no recoginition in Thunderbolt Control Center when connected with or without GPU installed. I also tried re-installing the old GTX 1070 mini. Same results with it.

At my local PC repair shop, the SF750 passed on an ATX tester, and the RTX 2070 worked fine when installed into a test rig (thankfully!). Strangely, the OEM FSP PSU passed for ATX power but failed for pcie power. Weird, right? I have ordered my own PSU tester to confirm these results.

I had the same results when attempting to connect to an XPS 13 9370 or a 2020 Razer Blade 15 Base.

From poking around on these fora, I am guessing I managed to somehow damage the Venus main board. I am ordering a replacement board from Mantiz.

If possible, I would still like to use the new PSU (assuming it passes testing again) when the replacement board arrives. However, I am a bit hesitant given the initial result.

So, I am wondering if anyone has had similar issues and if/how they were able to address them.


Cheers and thanks for any insights!


As an aside, what is the function of the 4-pin connector between the PWM fan connector and 24-pin ATX connector on the Venus main board?

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Razer Blade 2020 Base & XPS 13 9370
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Curious to know how this turned out. Did you ever get this sorted?

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