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Dead Razer Core X  


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I recently bought a Razer Core X to power a Dell 49" display from my macbook pro. It was all working fine, but I wanted to quieten it down, so I looked up the thread on here and decided to replace the PSU.

I bought the Corsair SF750 knowing that others had successfully made the change to that PSU given the size constraints. I swapped it over last night but the Core X wouldn't power up. I've tried the GPU in another PC and I've tried a different GPU in the Core X, no improvement. I know the cables are all good as I have a Black Magic egpu which I'm now using in place of the core X with the same cables.

Switching back to the original power supply doesn't work either.

I'm guessing that I've damaged the PCI/Thunderbolt board somehow, but I don't know how.

Is there anything specific that I need to look out for, or anything that will prevent the Core X from starting?

I've connected the 24pin motherboard connector to the TB/PCIe board, and the two connectors on the other end to the 24 pin slots on the SF750. I've then connected a CPU power cable and attached it to the tb power port on the TB/PCIe board. Lastly I connected up the one PCIe power cable from the PSU to the GPU (I also tried with two separate cables, but that didn't work either). I have a Noctua fan connected to the internal board as well, so I should hear/see something everything is connected correctly.

I've also confirmed that powering up the unit and connecting both the MBP and the display does not pass power through and charge the mac.

GPUs are an AMD 5700xt which worked originally and now works in my desktop machine. The other GPU is an nvidia 1070Ti.

Any thoughts?

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