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Dell DA-2 green light indicator sense not working?  


Isaac Abraham
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I have a Dell DA-2 power adapter, and i'm trying to power my v8.4 Beast adapter, and I am using a 6-pin female to 8-pin male, and a paperclip from remote to ground. When the power adapter is plugged into a wall outlet, the indicator turns orange, and when I connect remote to ground, the orange indicator turns off instead of turning green, is there something I am doing wrong?

Dell DA 2

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Plug the DA-2 into the EXP GDC 8-pin plug designed for it. Switch on system. If require the DA-2 on permanently (green LED instead of orange), then flip the EXP GDC ATX_PWR switch. Then attach the supplied 6P to 6P+6P PCIe eGPU lead to the EXP GDC 6-pin plug. No need for any other adapters.

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