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Dual eGPU running on one PSU ?  


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Hi everyone,


I assembled a custom rig based on a Sonnet Breakaway box 550, a Corsair SF750 PSU and a Radeon VII 2 years ago.

Long story short, I work on set in the commercial photography industry, and my rig has to be as powerful and compact as possible. Using a regular eGPU enclosure would be way too bulky, so taking it apart and integrating the elements in my existing station just made more sense.

I'm at the stage where I am thinking of adding a second eGPU to my rig. While I would have just enough space for the additional GPU and a second eGPU board, I would not be able to add a second PSU.

And this is where I'm stuck...

The two GPUs would have a peak consumption of 350W each. While the SF750 has enough PCIe 8-pin connectors to power both cards, it has only one 24-pin ATX connector. And I would need two of these to connect both eGPUs boards...

I looked for power splitters, but only found a discontinued model made by Phanteks a while ago. Phanteks also makes a PSU with two ATX 24-pin connectors, but this would be way too big and heavy to fit in my station.

Do you know of any similar project, or any idea how I could make this work ? Any input is appreciated !


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@aarrt, I can't say if it's a safe or reliable solution, but I bought this 24-pin splitter a few weeks ago. My plans were to use it a desktop and ADT-Link R43SG eGPU adapter. I have not gotten around to testing it.


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