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Exp Gdc Dock stopped working after a day  


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Hi all, I recently bought a exp gdc dock. I had a 1050ti and a 600w evga psu. I connected everything up to a moniter from my laptop and yeah it was working so far. But obviously there where problems getting drivers for the 1050ti. So in the morning i decided to just switch it on again to see before i buy a different graphics card if it would actually turn on. Nothing now. The psu and graphics card still spin but thats because of my charger from my laptop. So it is looping power to the gpu and psu. I tested the psu and graphics card seperatly and they work. Just the dock is having problems. I Disconnected my dell charger then power shuts off. So it seems when all my connections are powerd to the dock it has problems. When the gpu and psu are not on the dock they both work fine. At the start it was working at least detecting the gpu but now in the morning the dock dosent want to work with me. In the end the gpu and psu are only getting power from my charger and it is not detecting anything from the device manager. I have a dell e7240 i5 4310u. 16gb ram. 128gb ssd. 1tb external hdd.

i5 4310u -gtx 150ti -hd4400 -1tb external hdd -16gb ram -128gb ssd -windows 10