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(EXP GDC 8.4) "Extra" Cable for Dell DA-2?  


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Hi, I want to power a GDC BEAST 8.4 with a Dell DA-2 family device, but, I can't find any information on the "extra" cable that runs from the end of the Beast into the GPU supplementary power slots... Are there conventional cables that work? Or are they proprietary? Are there any 6 pin male to dual 6+2 pin male VGA cables (i.e, one that could plug into a dual 8 pin powered GPU like a 980) that are recommended? I would also prefer not to buy from china, just because the only ones I have found that claim Beast compatibility would take over 2 months to ship to the US haha... 

Also, would anybody know if this specific cable would work in theory? They seem to have similar pinouts, although I cannot really tell..

Thanks so much in advance!

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This PCIe power cable is the correct one which distributes the Dell DA-2 input power out to your video card 6P+6P or 6P+8P connectors. Though, as you note, shipping from China to you may take a long time.

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