[GUIDE] Internal wiring (no barrel plug) - Custom Dell DA-2 PCIe power cable and...
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[GUIDE] Internal wiring (no barrel plug) - Custom Dell DA-2 PCIe power cable and Akitio PCB mod  


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I wanted to power both my Akitio Thunder2 and my GTX 1060 from the same power supply (the Dell DA-2) and from the same case-internal wiring instead of having the barrel plug connected on the outside.

The end results:

<img src=" removed link " />


  • <a href=" removed link " target="true">8pin (Female) to Dual 6+2pin (Male) Graphics Video Card Power Y Splitter Cable, ~$2-$3
  • <a href=" removed link ;_nkw=dell+da-2+adapter&_frs=1" target="true">Dell D220/DA-2 PSU, ~$15-$20
  • <a href=" removed link ">JST-XH 2.54mm Connectors Bare Terminal Set, ~$4
  • Akitio eGPU enclosure PCB (in my case for the Thunder2)


I started by following nando4's Dell DA-2 to PCIe output splitter cable guide to make the necessary modifications to the Dell DA-2 connector:

<img src=" removed link " />

I also had to move around the pins a bit in the receiving 8pin PCIe connector a bit to match the Dell wiring:

<img src=" removed link " />

I shorted REMOTE and GND using proper pins and wires (left-overs from moving around pins and stuff) instead of paperclips...: <img src=" removed link " />

I cut off one of the 6+2pin connectors and soldered two +12V and two GND wires into one 4pin JST-XH female connector:

<img src=" removed link " />

<img src=" removed link " />

I then soldered one 4pin JST-XH male connector to the Akitio board at J6 on the PCB:

<img src=" removed link " />

With the custom power cable connected, it looks like this:

<img src=" removed link " />


<img src=" removed link " />

2016 Macbook Pro 15" (Touch Bar) 2.6 GHz Core i7 with Intel HD Graphics 530 + Radeon Pro 450
Akitio Thunder2 with Apple TB2-TB3 adapter
Asus GTX 1060 6GB
macOS + Windows 10 UEFI using automate-eGPU EFI v1.0.5