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Help please bizon box broken PSU  


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Hi All, 

I brought a bizon box and the psu stopped working, is it possible to use a normal PSU with an 8pin power connector to start up my eGPU.
When I use the paperclip method the PSU turn on, but as soon as I connect it to my bizon the PSU shuts down.

any help would be appreciated Smile

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Hello Toby, I'm in similar trouble Smile
I wanted to replace the default 400w PSU as it was super noisy - tried beQuiet 450w PSU which didn't work either so I gave it away, then got 200w Dell PSU only to realize that those sneaky russians changed the molex / wiring on the eGPU box. Basically one row is all ground, second row is all current... I can't even plug the Dell as the molex pin row shapes are switched. Need get some gardgets to measure which cable is for what and build a convertor.... I'm surprised you even managed to connect right molex from your PSU 😉  

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