How to power my M.2 to PCI-E converter and my GPU as simply as possible
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How to power my M.2 to PCI-E converter and my GPU as simply as possible  


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Hi all,

I've spent more time than I want to admit trying to find a solution for my test setup. Here is my hardware:

I'm using the M.2 WiFi A.E key converter to PCI-E 3.0 x16 pcie from here to setup an eGPU for my Intel NUC. The converter itself is powered by a molex 4 pin LP4 (the converter did come with a SATA to molex 4 pin LP4 adaptor).

Because I didn't want to toss a bunch of money on a setup that I wasn't sure would work, I tested it with my desktop computer's old graphics card, GTX 670. For power, it has a 6 pin and 8 pin pcie. I am able to power it with the PSU from my desktop with no issues.

My benchmark was actually surprisingly good on Heaven 4.0 (sorry no screen shot), but it was obviously significantly better than the Intel HD 500 on board, and only a little worse than with my full desktop with PCIe x16 (vice x1 on the M.2 in the NUC)

That being said:

For a more permanent setup, I'd like to power it as simple as possible. I suppose I could go with an inexpensive PSU, but I'm not the fan of the size and extra cables. I also know I could go with a modular PSU for cable management, but I'm trying to keep the total project less than $100, and that doesn't really help with the size problem with the PSU.

I like the idea of a DA-2, but I believe the power draw on this GPU is 195W and based on what I've read so far, a single DA-2 will not be enough. I'm down to run 2x DA-2 and then power each pcie power port separately, but that still leaves the issue of powering the M.2 converter. With the SATA or molex LP4, I've so far been unable to find a good/correct method to convert the DA-2 to power it while still powering the GPU. 

Any thoughts or links would be awesome! thanks!

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Does the board run off 12V? Do you know the power draw for the board?

DA-2 is rated up to 220W, unless you're unlucky and get a Chinese knock-off, or unless the board uses a different voltage than 12V, or unless the board guzzles more than 20W of power, then DA-2 should be OK to power both.

If you're OK with cutting and rewiring cables, you could use a DA-2 with a Y-splitter cable - see and . Use one split for the GPU and make a female 6/8pin to female 4 pin LP4 to use with the other split.

Making custom cables is not that difficult, you can even do it without a solder by twisting wires and wrapping them up in heat-shrink or electrical tape. You just need to make sure to connect the right cables/pins together. A cheap multimeter really helps, or you can be extra careful and trace the cables to confirm 12V+ and Ground are connected to correct wires.

All depends if the board works off of 12V, though

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