Is it normal for DELL-DA2 to do that "buzzy" sound?
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Is it normal for DELL-DA2 to do that "buzzy" sound?  


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Hi, I wanted to use a circuit form my Node (6pin connector) and use Dell DA2 for powering both GPU and circuit aswell to save some space on my desk (make smaller, custom enclosure) It should work right? Well in the moment when I plugged it in the wall (REMOTE and GND pin already connected) it started making "buzzing" sound... Don't misunderstand me, I expected some low noise since it's completely passive but this is pretty annoying and I'll rather use ITX GPU with SFX power supply to fit it in same form factor that I planned for full size...

Is there chance that if I'll buy another one it'll be completely quiet or this is pretty normal?

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