Is there a way to control fans of Razer Core X?
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Is there a way to control fans of Razer Core X?  


Alessandro Lusi
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Hi everybody, 


I am pretty happy with my new Razer Core X enclosure, but after a month of daily use, I am questioning about the loudness of the fans. It seems that the one inside the PSU is quite noisy and I was wondering if there is a way to control it. 


I am pretty sure that I will receive a negative answer. but at least I tried 😉

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afaik no, it is quite noisy and the fix that people came up with is to replace it with a good quality sfx psu. Even though the stock one is atx size, the power plug placement is weird and you'll need sfx to avoid modifying the rear grille. I myself am planning to get a corsair sf600 once the price comes back down.

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