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Mean Well 252W (Dell DA-2 220W killer)

Mean Well 252W (Dell DA-2 220W killer)  


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It is Mean Well 252W, that comes with 6 pins not like Dell DA-2 220W (8 pin) so we have 32W more + we don't need to add reserved/sense pin like for the Dell PSU:

 Shopping list cables for every GPU:

1 x Barrel 5.5mm x 2.5mm

1 x Startech.com 6 inch PCI Express Power Splitter Cable

1 x 6 pin (F) PCIe to dual 8pin (6+2) (M) cable

As Dell DA-2 220W is not stable for GTX 1080, we have this external PSU with it GTX 1080 will be stable, even in gaming peak, the Mean Well 252W don't have a fan!


Input Voltage Range 85 → 264 V ac, 120 → 370 V dc
  Output Voltage Rating 12 V dc
  Output Current Range 0 → 21A
  Rated Output Power 252W
  Input Connector IEC320-C14
  Output Connection Type DC Plug
  Number of Outputs 1
  Regulator Type Switched Mode Power Supply
  Ripple And Noise 120mV Pk-Pk
  Line Regulation Range -1 → +1%
  Load Regulation Range -5 → +5%
  Weight 1.25kg
  Overall Width 95mm
  Overall Depth 46mm
  Efficiency 89.5%
  Energy Efficiency Level VI
  MTBF 181.24kh
  Series GST280A
  Operating Temperature Range -30 → +70 °C
  Overall Length 220mm
  Maximum Temperature +70°C
  Cable Length 1000mm
  Protection Features Over Temperature Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection
  Maximum Input Current 1.5 A @ 230 V ac, 3 A @ 115 V ac
  Input Frequency Range 47 → 63Hz
  Minimum Temperature -30°C
  Special Features LED Indicator For Power On, No Load Power Consumption, Universal AC Input/Full Range, 3 Pole AC Inlet
  Holdup Time 16 ms @ 115 V ac, 16 ms @ 230 V ac
  Mounting Type Desktop
  Overall Dimensions 220 x 95 x 46mm
  Power Signal Conversion Type AC/DC-DC


BUY IT:  https://www.amazon.com/Desktop-Adapters-252W-plug-Level/dp/B0131VD8G2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1493821790&sr=82&keywords=Mean+Well+252W


This user even run GTX1080Ti and GTX TITAN X with it (i think it won't be stable but it work)


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Hi, I am putting together a Thunder2 + 1080TI setup. Would this PSU work? Or which PSU should I get instead? 


Seems like Dell isn't good enough for 1080TI

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80$? Wow that is expensive. You can get a modular SFX power supply in the 400W range for about the same money. To truly "kill" the DA-2 a power supply not only needs to be slightly more powerful, it also needs to be price-competitive. An 80$ power-brick is not quite that.

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Hi, I agree with Yukikaze. These SFX PSUs, at a comparable price, are smaller and lighter.  I've been using a Corsair SF450, and it works beautifully. I mention it because the Silverstone was at the top of the small SFX PSUs, but it's since been surpassed by the Corsair. It has the same premium features like modularity, but is cheaper, quieter, and performs better.


I do believe that Silverstone has recognized this and is coming out with an update to their competing unit soon. 

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why do i find these things after i buy other stuff lol

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Hi, I am doing a build with a GTX760 and I would like use the Dell DA-2, is that good enough?
Dell DA-2 says is 220w, and the GTX760 requires 170w. I am not sure if the remaining 50w is good to run the Akitio PCIe card

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