Modifying an ATX Power Supply to fit the Bizon 2s
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Modifying an ATX Power Supply to fit the Bizon 2s  


dylan stetts
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A while back, I picked up a used Bizon Box 2s for my MBP. It worked well with my RX 580, aside from the classic error 12 in Windows. 

I recently decided to upgrade to a Razer Blade 14 (2017), and with that, I upgraded my RX 580 to a 5700 XT. The problem: the included Dell DA-2 isn't feeding my 5700 XT enough power. The 2s is running on my Blade just fine with a TB2->TB3 adapter (tested with 750ti & RX 580).

I have an old Thinkstation S30 power supply that I want to DIY and connect to my 2s, but I don't want to cause any damage to the 2s or my 5700 XT in the process. I've read a little about modding the DA-2 (thanks @nando4), but I haven't seen anything on modding the pinout to fit the 2s specifically. 

My concerns are mainly with the rails on my S30 power supply. It has 4 12v rails: one at 17A, two at 16A, and the last at 14A. Does it matter which rails go in the bizon? Obviously, they need to follow the pinout of the DA-2, but is there a possibility of causing a fire and blowing up my hardware still? 

Any advice given would be much appreciated. This is my first time modding a power supply and don't want to break anything (beyond repair 🙂 ). 


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Consider using a second Dell DA-2 to power the RX 5700 XT's second 6-pin or 8-pin PCIe power connector in a similar way shown at:


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