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[Solved] PSU for eGPU and other things (Aorus RX580)  


Maciej Sowilski
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[SOLVED] I have just found the thing called pico PSU, they are ~160W, so if I used that on the eGPU mobo, and had a switch for "engage egpu" with 12V line to pico PSU and 12V on the card itself that should work? Is 160W enough for the eGPU motherboard?


I'm rebuilding my portable DIT case and would like to use one power supply for all the stuff I have in my case. The goals are: reducing the noise level, and freeing up some space in the case taken by power bricks. Right now I'm using separate power bricks for the 4 different devices I have (ethernet router with poe, caldigit ts3, hdd dock, HD-SDI I/O), and a separate AC feed for the eGPU. My idea for an upgrade is ~600W ATX power supply powering everything in my case. All the other devices will be fed from 12V line of the PSU with some step-up/down converters, I have it more or less figured out so it's not an issue here.

The issue is:
I do not always use the eGPU, and sometimes I cannot spare a thunderbolt port just to keep it on. Can I just bypass the on/off control of the eGPU's motherboard and just provide the power to eGPU at all time without having a thunderbolt plugged into that? Or is there a smarter solution, like a power supply that would take 12V DC as an input? (so I will then have a PSU for everything and a 12V one for just the eGPU?)



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