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Razer Core X can’t be detected after PSU replacement.

Razer Core X can’t be detected after PSU replacement.  


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Hi guys

Suffering from huge noise, I decided to replace PSU on my Razer Core X

My current system is MBP 15” 2018(Boot camp) + Razer Core X + Geforce 2080Ti. And I am using  external Samsung 4k Monitor. 

It has been fine with playing games but suddenly from a few month ago, fan noise became super loud. 

Anyway, here’s my replacement. 
 - PSU : Corsair SF750
 - Fan : Noctua NF A12x25 FLX (3pin)

Noctua works just fine. problem is SF750. 

When I install it, my com can’t detect eGPU. 
Power is ok so fan’s running and graphic card’s lights on. But nothing appears on my monitor. 

I checked all the cables but they are just fine. 

So I put back the original PSU on Razer core X, and it runs well. 

Should I install some drivers for new PSU? 
Or any recommendation or suggestions? 

I appreciate your help in advance

Best regards

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