Razer Core X - Compatibility with Radeon 6800 series and Nvidia 3080. Is 500W en...
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Razer Core X - Compatibility with Radeon 6800 series and Nvidia 3080. Is 500W enought to fuel these monsters?  


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Hi, I would like to add a Radeon 6800 or Nvidia 3080 or above to a Razer Core X, with my Dell Precision 5550.

Dimensions wise is fine, the problem seems to be the Power supply. All of them seem to have a Minimun PSU of 650W (Radeon 6800), 750W(Radeon 6800 XT) or 950W(Radeon 6900) and, on the other hand, Razer Core seems to be constrained 500W. 

Would it make any sense to purchase any of these GPUs in the first place. They are intended to be used for heavy duty 3ds-Max, Un-real Engine rendering. 

Are there any alternatives in the market 12GB GPU or above that could work better?



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If I read/understood well the specs on the Razer site, Razer Core X has a 650W PSU unit

And, I don't want to mislead you/to give you false hope but consider also that the PSU of an eGPU must provide power only to the GPU! I guess that the suggested PSU on the AMD site are referred to a complete PC (so they consider also the CPU and all the peripherals usually installed in a PC case).

Also, you can also ask to the user who posted the following: https://egpu.io/forums/builds/success2019-16-macbook-pro-rp5300m-rx-6800xt-bootcamp-win10-1903-build-180362/


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