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Razer Core X Fan Mod No Solder  


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I saw posts about replacing the fan in the Core X PSU and then soldering the fan to the motherboard, but I didn't want to do that. I got a fan splitter, a 80mm Noctua Redux fan, a 120mm Redux fan, and swapped everything out. I ran the wire for the 80mm fan out of the PSU along with all of the other power cables, and connected both of the fans to the motherboard via the fan splitter. Both of the fans spun up just fine, and they are dead silent. There have been reports of some fans not being able to spin up due to the Core X's wacky voltages, but I can confirm that both of these Redux fans work just fine. I've had no issues with temperatures so far either. Just wanted to share this here for anyone interested in the future. Let me know if you have any questions.

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I like the can-do attitude! If I ever get annoyed enough with mine I'll simply buy a better PSU for it since it's standard ATX. But I kinda feel that this might be the right opportunity to mention that capacitors hold a charge. It's basically what the PSU is built for. Even a power supply that's turned off can kill you if you touch the wrong parts as they dump the charge into the unwary tinkerer.

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