Sapphire rx570 nitro+ 4gb + ADT-Link R43SG-TB3 - power issue
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Sapphire rx570 nitro+ 4gb + ADT-Link R43SG-TB3 - power issue  


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Hi, I've recently purchased a sapphire rx570 nitro+ 4gb with an ADT-Link R43SG-TB3 to use with my ThinkPad T470. To test all the system I used a recycled 250W power supply from an old Desktop PC. The problem is that when I connect all the cables in this way:

(Picture taken from the official ADK-Link website)

and I try to launch a game (or a benchmark), the power supply together with the GPU turn off. Even if I try to reduce the power limit by 50% using MSI afterburner the problem persists.
So my questions are:

  • What is the max power that the ADT-Link can delivery to the GPU using the 8 pin port?
  • Is this

(Picture taken from the official ADK-Link website)

a better way to connect the PSU to the GPU in a way that it delivers more power? (My PSU unfortunately doesn't have the GPU power cable)

  • Is a dell da-2 enough to power the GPU through the ADT-Link? Like this way but with both 6P and 8P connector connected to the GPU:

(Picture taken from the official ADK-Link website)

For reference, the GPU has 6P+8P power connector with a power consumption of 195W

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@fr4nz, Your old PSU is no good. I was able to use a Dell DA-2 to power the ADT-Link R43SG with RX 580 and RTX 2060S. It should be able to handle the RX 570.


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