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SF600 fan running in sleep mode.  


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I'm using like this.
Macbook pro 13" 2015 early + Akitio node(TB3) + Gigabite RX580 + Corsair SF600 + Noctua s12a pwm

I have a PSU problem.

In sleep mode, the Akitio node is turned off.
(led and GPU led off)
But PSU is still on.
Of course. Because the power is connected and I used paper clip tricks.
Normally, the sf600 should not run fans at less than 120 watts of power.
Even if power is on. Because it is equipped with Zero RPM.
But it keeps running, and it needs to be turned off and on to stop the fan.

I can't understand why the fans keep running:(
I'm using the MacBook in clam shell mode, so I want to consume as little power as possible in Sleep mode. Like desktop!

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