Sonnet Breakaway not charging my 13" mac sufficiently when using
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Sonnet Breakaway not charging my 13" mac sufficiently when using  


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Hi, So I've got a Sonnet Breakaway Box with a RX 570 4GB card. I'm running it with my 2017 Macbook Pro.

The problem is that when I'm using it to help with editing on Premiere, although the laptop recognises the power coming in from the eGPU, it still runs the battery down and doesn't charge it sufficiently to be able to do last too much longer than if it wasn't plugged in at all. Is there any way I could increase the power coming from the box to be able to sufficiently charge the computer like I had it plugged normally?


Sonnet Breakaway Box 350, RX 570 4GB

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Couple of thing.

1) If you are using 350, this is normal. You need to be using 550, or 650 to get 87W PD
2) If you are using the TB3 cable that is not rated for 87W, or more, this also may happen.


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