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April 25, 2019 2:51 am  

I spent way too much time across the past few months learning to wire up my own, easy PSU adapter to plug in to everyone's favorite Dell DA-2 PSU and power a variety of DIY and eGPU projects.
I'm looking to you guys (and anyone else that will listen) to see if it's worth trying to bulk-order some decently crafted cables to hook these bricks up to our DIY projects and eGPU's instead of telling everyone to jam paperclips into their wiring harnesses and see how well these things pass TSA when traveling. 🙂

Just three questions if you have a moment:

1. Proper 8-Pin Female receptacle does not exist for cabling. The smallest, nearest part has 12 Pins on the connector.
If I can cut them down to 8 and then shrink-wrap over the plastic exterior housing (nicer texture, grip, appearance) is it worth it? Or does everybody not mind the empty 4-pins at the end and are just fine with the 12-pin?

2. I'm inclined to make the thing under a foot long, so it just snaps in between your PSU plug and your own wires or adapters to your device. 
Shorter or longer cable is better? How long would you *want* it? 

3. For the Male plug end, PCIe 6+2 pin male header or just a 6-Pin with three 12v wires? Does anybody care about the +2 ground wires dangling off this if they're plugging in more PCIe splitters or adapters upstream anyways?

Live Prototype 2 Wire Uncut

Sys1: MITX Desktop in InWin Chopin
i5-4570 + 1060 6GB + PCIe 1x adapter (over USB3.0 copper)
Sys2: Dell 15 Latitude 3542
i3-4030U + 1060 6GB + mPCIe adapter for PCIe 1x (over USB3.0 copper)
Sys3:Dell 14 Inspiron E5450
i7-6500U + 1060 6GB + NGFF M.2 A/E --> mPCIe adapter
+ mPCIe adapter for PCIe 1x (over USB3.0 copper)

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