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TB3 Active cable performance

TB3 Active cable performance  


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Hey guys, I have a question that has been digging through my brain for quite a bit. Is there any performance degradation when you use a long TB3 Active cable (2m) vs a short passive one? (50cm). I'm asking because the way my setup is laid out I really need the 2m cable, but I'm not sure if I'm being penalized for it...

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I can give it a try tonight or tomorrow. I've been using a short passive cable with the Razer core X on my desk. I have a 2m active cable on hand. It would be nice to reclaim some desk space!

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I don't think there is a difference. You can always buy it and do some benchmarks, return it if there's a large dip. Frankly I'd probably just use it and see if you NOTICE anything. Benchmarks are good for comparisons, but it's really more important how you feel using it.

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I don't think cable length matters. Speed of electricity is very fast. an extra 1.5m will add up to a handful of micro seconds to the time it takes for a bit to reach the other end. This is not a problem because many bits are sent before expecting a reply.

Problems can arise if the extra length adds errors but the active part of the cable handles that.


Drop in performance happens when you chain multiple Thunderbolt 3 devices together.

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Bandwidth would not be an issue between active vs. passive. I'm interested in seeing latency differences.

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