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TB3 Active cable performance  

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You need to remove the trailing parenthesis )

If you go to that link, it says the cable only does Thunderbolt 3 and USB 2.0, just like the AKiTiO cable. It does not do USB 3.x or DisplayPort (unless they are encoded as Thunderbolt and a Thunderbolt device does the Thunderbolt PCIe packet to PCIe conversion for a USB 3.x controller or Thunderbolt DisplayPort packet to DisplayPort conversion for a DisplayPort display).

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Ok thanks, I see these specs listed for belkin and then akitio - both 2m cables:

Thunderbolt 3 male to Thunderbolt 3 male connectors

Transfer data at up to 40 Gbps

Connect to Thunderbolt 3– or USB-C–enabled devices and displays

Supports Thunderbolt/HD displays

Take advantage of up to 100W power delivery

Thunderbolt certified


  • Lightning fast data transfer rates up to 40 Gbps
  • Supports Thunderbolt™ and USB 2.0 protocols
  • Supports power delivery up to 100W
  • Reversible USB-C connector

maybe the belkin is more versatile?

I have not tried the akitio cable.
I know belkin as a brand and its products are always of excellent quality.
I am very satisfied with the cable, everything is more stable!
The specifications of the two cables are identical. I think you won't have any problems with either of them.
I can recommend you the belkin because I have it, I use it with the egpu in the signature and it works really well.

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I have the caldigit  2m cable and it performs very similar to to boy the 60cm Belkin active and 90cm apple cable. Just make sure it is a true 40g tb3 cable. If I remember well 9to5mac and vtudio have YouTube Videos comparing the cables to

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