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USB 4 vs Thunderbolt 4 vs Thunderbolt 3 cables  


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I think I am getting slow connection speeds on a Thunderbolt 4 host?

Lenovo Thinkpad L14 Gen2 with Intel 11. gen with a GTX 1060 6GB in the Razer Core X.

Cuda-Z shows:
1500 MiB/s Host to Device
1700 MiB/s Device to Host
56 Gib/s Device to Device

I am not sure, but I belive my cable might be the reason?

Looking at cables I see I can choose between:
Thunderbolt 3 - 40GBPS
Thunderbolt 4 - 40GBPS (with certification)
USB 4.0 - 40GBPS (with certification)

USB 4.0 seems to be the cheapest.
Are there any pros or cons to choosing either cable technologies?

Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated.


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Thunderbolt 4 is essentially Thunderbolt 3 but with all the maximum possible throughput / features guaranteed.

USB 4 is like Thunderbolt 3 in the sense that it has an optional feature set depending on how it is integrated by the manufacturer.

I would recommend getting an Intel Certified Thunderbolt 4 cable, which guarantees all the maximum specifications of all these cables.

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