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Boltoway RE: External Drive Crashing EGPU Drivers?  

By Boltoway, 59 mins ago

BootCamp eGPU Setup
  @dietrich, This isn't the best place to ask a Windows Troubleshooting Question, as you are in a Bootcamp Sub-Forum and posting it as a comment on another person's Forum Post. Nonetheless, here is a po...
Francesca RE: ASUS Rolls Out ThunderboltEX 4 Add-on Card  

By Francesca, 59 mins ago

Desktop Computing
  Surprisingly, Asus is the first out of the gate this time - despite being a long time (perhaps a year) behind Gigabyte for Titan Ridge add-in cards. If I can get my hands on it, I will see if I can ge...
Dietrich RE: External Drive Crashing EGPU Drivers?  

By Dietrich, 4 hours ago

BootCamp eGPU Setup
  Dell XPS 13 9380 (i7 8565U, 16Gb RAM) Razer Core X msi RTX 2070 aero The system detects the RTX 2070. I have installed the latest nVidia drivers. After using the system for varying amounts of time it ...
Lennox84 RE: Linux Wayland - Need to know current state, how-to and if it benefits eGPU  

By Lennox84, 5 hours ago

Thunderbolt Linux eGPU
  OK so I've been searching thoroughly before I start posting too and found this to be the closest match to my issues around eGPU performance and Linux. I'm running Fedora 34 (KDE Spin) and came from 33...
HondaBoy619 External Drive Crashing EGPU Drivers?  

By HondaBoy619, 6 hours ago

BootCamp eGPU Setup
  Hey all! I’m experiencing issues with external hard drives, and flash drives on Bootcamp. I’m on the Windows 10 1903 V1 build with no windows updates and the red drivers for July 2021. I&r...
itsage RE: [Unboxing] ASUS ROG XG Mobile RTX 3080 eGPU Dock GC31S-004 (US$1,499 RRP)  

By itsage, 11 hours ago

Thunderbolt Enclosures
  I got a C14 to C13 90-degree adapter for the power plug to make the XG Mobile connection cleaner. Another observation is that the ROG Flow X13 would only get 100W PD from the stock A20-100P1A AC adapt...
DrEGPU RE: ASUS Rolls Out ThunderboltEX 4 Add-on Card  

By DrEGPU, 12 hours ago

Desktop Computing
  @elclamo The shorting of the pins on TB cards is mainly just an electrical signal to power on the card. Otherwise, they stay off for some stupid reason. The other leads don't seem to be crucial, altho...
Arthur Annibal Gambiarra building of eGPU with Thunderbolt3 NVME adapter - need help  

By Arthur Annibal, 17 hours ago

What gear should I buy?
  Hello! i'm from brazil, and i want to make my eGPU build too, i want it to look cool haha. I have a Dell XPS 13 (it has two thunderbolt 4-lanes) and i want to display it on three 2160x1920@165hz monit...
Moltharblood Monitor not working with my egpu  

By Moltharblood, 17 hours ago

Expresscard, mPCIe, M.2 eGPU
  Hi, i have an hp pavillion 15 with mini PCIe (ngff)the one i remove the wifi card. When i put the gpu on and try to boot, the gpu starts, but i dont receive any signal from the monitor (doesnt even...
Arthur Annibal RE: Enclosure option in Brazil  

By Arthur Annibal, 17 hours ago

What gear should I buy?
  You can try your luck in or who, eventually, have one or another eGPU Dock available (i've seen an Asus one for ~BRL 2,000); You can try to import an Razer Core X for around ~R$ 6000, and burn all...
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