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RA619H Cost and power effeicent GPU for 13" MBPR (TB3) - 2x 4k Monitors - Razer Core x Chroma  

By RA619H, 3 hours ago

Laptop Computing
  Hi all - I'm looking to purchase a Razer Core x Chroma and looking for GPU options for plug and play compatibility (similar to my 5700xt) with MacOS 10.15. Most of my use is business applications but ...
itsage RE: Reinstalling Drivers to get NVIDIA GPU to Work  

By itsage, 3 hours ago

Thunderbolt Windows eGPU
  @rontt, Yes, the OPTION is in DDU for you change different preferences.
ecnezie RE: Mid-2014 15-inch MacBook Pro 750M Master Thread  

By ecnezie, 5 hours ago

Thunderbolt macOS eGPU
  @fredman, never tried. I'm using it for cg mac software, I don't have bootcamp. If I remember correctly, there was a note about it on the main post/guide...
Geppo1965 RE: GPU Dilemma for iMac 27” 2019  

By Geppo1965, 5 hours ago

GPU, Monitor & Peripherals
  Hi @nando4, I have take my last decision and soon I will have my first egpu. Ihave bought a new one Mantiz Venus Pro II and a GPU PNY RTX 3090. I hope to have chosen well
home-grown-honkers RE: [help] Razer Core X suddenly crashed and is no longer working - mac / Vega 64  

By home-grown-honkers, 6 hours ago

Thunderbolt macOS eGPU
  Update: I've tried swapping the power supply, but that didn't solve it. I also have tried it with a couple other TB3 egpu capable computers, and I get the exact same results.
Tom Barber Razer Core X Chroma and Palit RTX 3090  

By Tom Barber, 6 hours ago

Thunderbolt Enclosures
  Hello folks, Due to a random chain of events I've been left in charge of a Razer Core X (650W PSU) and a Palit RTX 3090. Now looking at the various forums posts compatibility will vary, but this one h...
Piipperi800 Best Windows 10 version for eGPU on a MacBook Pro with dGPU?  

By Piipperi800, 6 hours ago

BootCamp eGPU Setup
  Hi, I’m planning on completely reinstalling Windows 10, and I was wondering, which version would be the best to use? And/or is there some thread here where I can check is the latest Windows 10 version...
Danny Fong Mac Mini 2018 using display through the EGPU vs HDMI to Mac - Intel Graphics Settings Default  

By Danny Fong, 7 hours ago

GPU, Monitor & Peripherals
  I have a mac mini 2018, Razer Core X and Radeon Rx580, Windows 10 1903 I'm only able to get a picture on my monitor when I connect the monitor directly to the HDMI port on my computer. Does connecting...
Stéphane Betzi RE: GALAX SNPR TB3 1060 eGPU  

By Stéphane Betzi, 7 hours ago

Thunderbolt Enclosures
  Well. We will see. In any case, those cards are not available yet. And I think I would prefer a regular RTX3060 than a ti for my use. I will reconsider in a few months when the cards will be readily ...
GamesOnMacBookPro RE: MEGA THREAD 🙂 Newest games benchmarks + FPS testing on RX5600XT eGPU - Real Gameplays  

By GamesOnMacBookPro, 7 hours ago

PC Gaming
  Twin Mirror | RX 5600 XT (eGPU) | intel core i7 4870HQ | 1080p | performance test | Fps test | Detailed Benchmark & Gameplay
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