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Nick Kay RE: [US] Amazon: Extra 20% OFF Warehouse deals - Fall 2020  

By Nick Kay, 20 hours ago

  Just wanted to let people know -- that Dell TB dock, don't buy that if you're a Mac user :O
foo RE: Missing scaled resolution w/ Vega 64 TB3 + LG 34wk95u-w  

By foo, 20 hours ago

Thunderbolt macOS eGPU
  @mgear1981, Posted by: @mgear1981 Yes I did finally! What are you talking about here? Solving the problem with the missing line of pixels?
foo RE: Missing scaled resolution w/ Vega 64 TB3 + LG 34wk95u-w  

By foo, 20 hours ago

Thunderbolt macOS eGPU
  @mccamel, Posted by: @mccamel Just restarting discussion here after the release of Big Sur. Unfortunately I still have the missing line of pixels. Anyone have better luck? I still have the line o...
pixxelpusher RE: 2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5500M) [9th,8C,H] + RX 5700 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (ADT-Link R43SG * M.2-TB3) + macOS 10.15.1 & Win10 1903  

By pixxelpusher, 21 hours ago

External GPU Builds
  @itsage, That's great to hear! Think I'm about to pull the trigger today. I was thinking about that and think when I do the install I might put a thin bit of foam around the cable where it touches the...
birrbles RE: Splitting one of the pcie 8 pin cables on the Core X Chroma? (evga ftw3 3090 + razer core x chroma)  

By birrbles, 22 hours ago

PSU, Fans & Cables
  This was helpful, thanks. The EVGA 3090 FTW3 has three 8 pin inputs side by side, so I made the following assumptions: If I plug the split line into the first and third input and the unsplit line int...
Matthew Kwong RE: [Looking for advice] Nvidia RTX 3000 vs AMD RX 6000; Which is better for TB3/4 eGPU?  

By Matthew Kwong, 23 hours ago

What gear should I buy?
  @itsage, I have heard that as well. Yet, I'm not sure whether my monitor is G-Sync compatible. After all, it is a very unique feature from Nvidia. I feel it is a bit of a waste of not using G-Sync whi...
André Scheffler RE:First Thunderbolt 4 build - 2020 15" HP Spectre X360 [11th,4C,G] + RTX 2080 Ti @ 32Gbps-TB4 (AORUS Gaming Box) + Win10 2004  

By André Scheffler, 23 hours ago

External GPU Builds
  I would not agree, until having seen the new Lenovo Yoga 7i/9i, which come in at a lower price with the same CPU an memory configuration - also I like the build quality better. Also one very bad thing...
Henry Sahdala RE: Second Monitor Not Going Beyond 40FPS  

By Henry Sahdala, 23 hours ago

Thunderbolt Windows eGPU
  @itsage, You say that I should disable my laptop's screen while playing?
GamesOnMacBookPro RE: MEGA THREAD 🙂 Newest games benchmarks + FPS testing on RX580 eGPU - Real Gameplays  

By GamesOnMacBookPro, 23 hours ago

PC Gaming
  Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition - GOG Version - DRM Free | RX 580 8GB (eGPU) | intel core i7 4870HQ | 1080p | performance test | Fps test | Detailed Benchmark & Gameplay
James Ball RE: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD error with RTX 3070 and Razer Core X  

By James Ball, 23 hours ago

Thunderbolt Windows eGPU
  @mbliss11, I actually can't get as far as changing control panel settings on my NUC since it blue screens before I can do anything. I am thinking I should try and plug my laptop into mains as well as ...
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