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nando4 RE: 2018 Lenovo Tiny M720Q [8th,6C,T] + GTX 1650 Super @ 32Gbps-PCIe (Extender) + Win10  

By nando4, 4 mins ago

External GPU Builds
  Thank you for your build. Two things: 1. Mind formatting in the build template format for easy readability? 2. Can you do a CUDA-Z or AIDA64 bandwidth test to confirm stability and bandwidth? Private ...
Patrick Noel Tio RE: eGPU + USB device issues  

By Patrick Noel Tio, 2 hours ago

GPU, Monitor & Peripherals
  @xenokira, THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this. So much thanks that I registered as a user on this site just so I can post that this was the solution to my issues. I have an SMSL M500 DAC that I ha...
ultrasilent RE: Help me choose. Should I buy a Intel laptop for egpu?  

By ultrasilent, 2 hours ago

Laptop Computing
  Posted by: @phila-delphia TB3 will give you an performance hit about 20% what you mean by this? is it max. performance hit regardless of internal GPU?
Asad Baidar RE: Hp Spectre i7-8565U with eGPU RTX 2060 or New laptop having i7-9750H with internal GPU RTX 2060  

By Asad Baidar, 3 hours ago

PC Gaming
  @odin, @ha1o2surfer, I appreciate the response. Although Its been 7 months to my post but I still didn't go with any decision till now. I've decided now to buy Macbook Pro with an M1 chip for work an...
Mini i5 RE: RX6000 Bootcamp Perfomance  

By Mini i5, 4 hours ago

BootCamp eGPU Setup
  @manu89ft, Huh? 4K on your MBP? What do you really mean?
AndreiD2017 RE: [Unboxing] AORUS RTX 3080 Gaming Box Thunderbolt 3 eGPU  

By AndreiD2017, 4 hours ago

Thunderbolt Enclosures
  @itsage Hi, I have a similar egpu only with a 3090 inside (two eGPUs in fact), and I have a strange issue that lead to one of them to die out on me. I posted it on Reddit: I have a question for y...
odin RE: Hp Spectre i7-8565U with eGPU RTX 2060 or New laptop having i7-9750H with internal GPU RTX 2060  

By odin, 4 hours ago

PC Gaming
  Posted by: @asad_baidar Hello there, I have Hp Spectre 13" i7-8565U DDR4 16GB and I am considering an eGPU RTX 2060 to plug into it. But I am confused. - Worth spending money on eGPU with Thunderbolt...
Manu89ft RX6000 Bootcamp Perfomance  

By Manu89ft, 4 hours ago

BootCamp eGPU Setup
  Hi, I have a 6900XT with the signature configuration. The performances are 30/40% lower (playing in 4k) than the benchmarks of this desktop card. I use the December bootcampdrivers (red). I tried vari...
Manu89ft 2019 16" MacBook Pro [9th,8C,HK] + RX 6900 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 dev  

By Manu89ft, 4 hours ago

External GPU Builds
  System specs 16" MacBook Pro (2019) Intel(R) Core(TM) [email protected],4Ghz CPU 32Gb Ram Radeon 5500M 4Gb 1TB Internal driver 1TB external nVME TB3 - Samsung X5 eGPU hardware Razer Core X (Standard Bla...
Mini i5 RE: EGPU and Focusrite 2i2 causing in game lag  

By Mini i5, 5 hours ago

PC Gaming
  @danny_fong, The Mini has (2) separate TB3 buses. So plug it into the other bus.
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