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joevt RE: Blackmagic eGPU on Big Sur much slower than 5500M?  

By joevt, 22 mins ago

Thunderbolt macOS eGPU
  @corb555, Sonnet has two new eGPUs that can do 5K on the LG UltraFine 5K. The eGPU Breakaway Puck RX 5500 XT and eGPU Breakaway Puck 5700. Use SwitchResX in macOS to see what timing is being output t...
joevt RE: Need help for future eGPU/macbook pro/TB2 setup  

By joevt, 49 mins ago

Thunderbolt macOS eGPU
  TI82 is for old Thunderbolt 3 devices created before Macs started supporting Thunderbolt 3. The Razer Core X does not have the TI82. In the Buyer's Guide, only the AKiTiO Thunder3 has a TI82. ...
joevt RE: Y540 nvme egpu half speed  

By joevt, 1 hour ago

Expresscard, mPCIe, M.2 eGPU
  @cassidy, 2280 and 2242 are sizes. 22mm x 80mm or 42mm. Connect the R43SG to the 80mm long slot which has the 4 lanes of PCIe 3.0. You don't need hot swap to use eGPU.
corb555 RE: Blackmagic eGPU on Big Sur much slower than 5500M?  

By corb555, 3 hours ago

Thunderbolt macOS eGPU
  There may be some alternatives for the 5k other than the BM eGPU: 1) Use an eGPU with a Radeon 5700 with USB-C port. I have a single LG 5k and a BenQ 4k monitor, so slightly different configuration....
joevt RE: Smallest PSU for ADT-Link setup  

By joevt, 3 hours ago

PSU, Fans & Cables
  @fndg, I think the first link shows the folds. The folds were tight - to fit in a single slot width but the next slot was free so it kind of overflowed. A 45° fold gives a 90° change in direction. Two...
Susurs RE: Cold-boot RX 5500 / 5700/XT eGPU on W10 2004+ and 10.15.7 ?  

By Susurs, 3 hours ago

BootCamp eGPU Setup
  Still not working.... 🙁 I tried Dev channel W10 update 21296 - still error 43. Then I wiped the drive and installed 1903 V1 - the same (Error 43 after installing drivers)... I have no idea for anythi...
joevt RE: R43SG + RX5600XT crashes on both Mac and PC  

By joevt, 3 hours ago

Thunderbolt macOS eGPU
  @mnatsakan_zurnadzhian, if replacing the power supply doesn't work, then the only thing remaining to do is to replace the R43SG. Try a different ADT Link cable or a real eGPU?
joevt RE: Connect gigabyte RX 580 to Core X  

By joevt, 4 hours ago

Thunderbolt Enclosures
  @yang_john, yes.
joevt RE: Can I use one eGPU on both laptop and desktop?  

By joevt, 4 hours ago

What gear should I buy?
  @richrha, both the PC and MBA should have Thunderbolt. If the PC only has M.2, then you can use a M.2 eGPU for the PC, and use it with the Mac using a Thunderbolt to M.2 adapter. The ADT Link R43SG-TB...
ultrasilent RE: Help me choose. Should I buy a Intel laptop for egpu?  

By ultrasilent, 5 hours ago

Laptop Computing
  @phila-delphia, so, if I my config looks like this: OMEN 17 7700HQ 1070M TB3 up to 40 gbit/s which eGPU will double my 4k gaming FPS in case of external 4к TV? nvidia 3080 desctop? or TB3 will not use...
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