2011 Mac Mini Server with sonnet breakaway puck - Troubleshooting help
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2011 Mac Mini Server with sonnet breakaway puck - Troubleshooting help  


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Ok, here is a summary of what I have tried. 


I have a 2011 mac mini server with 10.13.6 macOS High Sierra installed connected to a sonnet breakaway puck which has a Radeon RX560 in it. I have them connected with an apple thunderbolt to USB3 adaptor to an apple thunderbolt cable. When I plug it all in the light on the puck doesn’t turn on. I’ve turned off the SIP and I’ve tried purge-wrangler and automate-eGPU EFI and neither of them see the egpu.


I’ve also tried it with my macbook air (mid 2011 with macOS High Sierra) and with that setup the light on the puck lights up at least but I’ve tried automate-eGPU and it doesn’t see it either. 


I have used the puck with a macbook pro with success so I know it works. I’m clearly doing something wrong with the software setup with the mac book air since the box lights up. 


I’m not sure if the hardware on the mac mini is compatible. 


I’d appreciate any suggestions on what would help


Thanks for your time!!!

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