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2018 MacBook Pro error 43 bootcamp

2018 MacBook Pro error 43 bootcamp  


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Hi, I have my 2018 macbook setup with bootcamp on an external ssd, but I'm getting error 43..
I also can't install the drivers for the gpu.

2018 MacBook Pro/i9/32gb ram/radeon pro 555X
eGPU: Radeon Vega 56 + Razer Core X

on internal bootcamp it usually works, but freezes when I connect a regular external ssd with my games (with usb on the right side where my eGPU also is)

Any help would be much appreciated..

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MacBook Pro 2018, i9 32GB ram

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@dennis_van_der_mast See one of my relevant build guides (in my sig.) for instructions. For external SSD issue, ensure either you boot with it plugged in (along with eGPU), or you plug in the SSD on the opposite side.

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2018 MacBook Pro 15" RP560X + Vega 64 (Mantiz Venus MZ-02)

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