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2019 eGPU enclosures

2019 eGPU enclosures  


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I do keep an eye on the eGPU buyers guide but would be also quite interested if anyone knows of any new eGPU's in development for 2019? Perhaps to be shown off at trade shows such as CES next week?  🙂

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PowerColor announced a couple of new eGPU enclosures: https://www.techpowerup.com/251440/powercolor-shows-off-new-thunderbolt-3-egpu-enclosures-at-ces-2019

The TBX 240FU seems to already be available from their website. There's a 180F listed, but I don't know if that is what was reported in the article. No sign of the TBX-750FA yet.

I'm curious if any of these models solved the ports issues of the previous generation like the Razor v2 did.

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Exciting news by Powercolor. Looks like we'll get a empty 180W Mini for US$199, with US$348 (+US$149) for the 240W Mini Pro with ports. VisionTek's US$349 mini eGFX is the empty mini Pro available now.



The Mini Pro with RX 570 is expected to cost $499, while the regular Mini is listed for $359. Later on, a standalone enclosure with no GPU will be released for $199. As for GPU support at this time, PowerColor had a short list that consisted of various GTX 1060, GTX1070, and RX 570 cards, however, all of them were Mini or ITX versions since any graphics cards larger than 175 x 131 x 38 mm (6.88 x 5.15 x 1.49 inches) in size will not fit. The same goes for any graphics card that has a TDP higher than 150-watts.

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