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3.5inch HDD holder on Mantiz Venus

3.5inch HDD holder on Mantiz Venus  


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I really love my Mantiz Venus with big PSU, usb-hub and built-in SATA port, but it ships with only 2.5inch SSD holder inside the box.
After installing a Curical MX500, I found that the actual transfer speed is limited at 300+-MB/s, and even with that speed the disk and graphics card turned unstable because SATA data and graphics card's PCIE data are racing through the TB3 lane.
So I think it's better to use low speed HDD as a Time-machine backup disk. So I took some time and designed an adapter for it.

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If you can get your hand on some 3d printer, just follow the link and print one yourself.

Installing is quite straight forward:

  1. screw the left and right holder onto the original 2.5inch SSD plate
  2. screw that plate back to the box
  3. align the 3.5inch HDD screw hole with the small arrow on the holder and clip in
  4. connect the wire and you are done!

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Nice work and thank you for sharing the 3D printer files! The standard SFX power supply inside the Mantiz Venus makes modding more accessible.

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Stupid question alert....
I just popped my SSD into my Venus and its not recognised in macOS or W10? 
Is there something I am missing set up wise? OBVs I've plugged in both power and USB and double checked. SSD was working fine in caddy.

Ignore me, triple checked and something had come loose.

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