AKiTiO Node Duo - Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Expansion Chassis for 2x Cards
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AKiTiO Node Duo - Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Expansion Chassis for 2x Cards  

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Here's one report of many about the GC-Alpine Ridge working with the LG Ultrafine 5K, so yeah we are sure. Do note this is with an AMD card. The fruity fashion tech toy maker does not officially support nVidia eGPUs. This forum spent an extraordinary amount of effort to fix this (instead of just buying a ThinkPad).

However the card will not transmit PCIe data which is needed for the other features of the display (USB controller for USB ports, audio, camera, brightness controls, etc.). Brightness control may be achieved through DDC/CI though with an app or command line.

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@chx you Mac bashing gets boring pretty quick. Why not just respect other peoples personal decisions and preferences?

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LG 5K Ultrafine flickering issue fix

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@mandril420 In my unboxing post, I was able to get TB3 monitor output by testing the AIC with a TB3 dock. I don't have the LG UltraFine 5K and won't be buying one to confirm 100%. As @chx said there are success stories with hackintosh builds using the same method so it's likely to work.

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@chx @itsage thank you for your answers. I am looking to get a 5K monitor to replace my Apple LED Cinema Display 27" on my Mac Pro 5,1 and get into the retina era (just got a new macbook pro now its hard to go back to nonretina). The Lg Ultrafine 5k seems ideal. However I wonder if I can get 5K60hz with an Nvidia 1080Ti on MacOS. Do you guys know if the Alpine Ridge rev 2.0 works? or does the Alpine Ridge card have to be rev 1.0? Asking for a friend lol... tks!

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macOS Nvidia drivers don't support 5K except on the discontinued Dell UP2715K display. There is a patch for the LG UltraFine 5K but it is not without problems.

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