Akitio Node Lite + GTX 105ti and GTX 1060  


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February 25, 2018 8:29 pm  


I am new to this forum, so sorry if I post into a wrong topic. My questions is that I have a MacBook Pro (2017, touch bar) + Akitio Node  Lite + GTX 1050 ti which I use also for gaming in bootcamp mode. I have a 120 W power adapter.  I am thinking to switch however to GTX 1060.  Does anybody know if the card might work without the Dell DA-2 modification only with 120w? 

My other question is that I can use the Akitio Node Lite only with hot plugging (during the windows boot, when the circle start to spin) and I also have to turn off and then on every time the internal speaker from device manager to make the audio work. Do you have by any chance solutions for these problems?  Does they depend on the special MacBook model? Or on the type of the graphics card? Or on the windows version? So many informations everywhere... it is a little bit confusing and difficult to find the right solution. 🙁  



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May 18, 2018 10:51 am  


The GTX 1060 needs 120W to run + the Node Lite requires 25W so your current psu unfortunately won't be enough. I don't know the answer to your other question, I'm sorry.
BTW according to your name aren't you Hungarian? I'm just wondering where can I buy a Thunder3 or a Node Lite in Hungary. 😀


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