Akitio Node (Original) Firmware Update
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[Solved] Akitio Node (Original) Firmware Update  


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Hi all,

I have an old Node and am trying to update the firmware, hoping it'll increase my h2d bandwidth which is currently less than 1000. 

Does the 2017 firmware fix this?

How can I even apply it? The firmware updater says "SDK_Service_Not_Found Thunderbolt doesn't exist" - is this because I have Thunderbolt Control Center rather than whatever the package is expecting? 

Any tips greatly appreciated. 


slight update - have found via the forums a working FW updater tool. Only problem is there's no bin firmware to use in it. The quest continues


and to finish this saga, I simply installed the old thunderbolt software (found on Lenovo support - I have an Asus laptop though) and it worked fine.

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