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July 29, 2018 2:38 pm  
Posted by: mois

The Node Pro has older firmware (v. 23.1, vs. Razer Core X which has version 33.1), would you be worried of any bugs or limits or any lower performance with the Node Pro than the Core X?

I don't think JHL and DSL use the same version progression.
Thunderbolt 3 firmware versions
You see that when DSL had NVM 21, JHL had only NVM 9. The JHL6240 only had NVM 4. In another document, the versions are 24, 19, and 5 respectively. So it looks like you can't compare NVM versions of different controllers. Newer chips have lower versions because they haven't been around as long. Maybe Intel changed the versioning since then? The problem is, we don't get a history of firmware versions like the manufacturers do. Maybe you can piece it together and construct a timeline by downloading every firmware updater for every Thunderbolt product from every manufacturer. Intel did something stupid when they gave control of firmware updates to manufacturers.

Posted by: mois

I guess @theitsage 's idea that JHL6540 (released 2016) would have higher latency than DSL6540 (released 2015) is not real.

He was referring to the latency of having two ports, not the latency of the controllers, none of which has been measured, or no difference has been found so far.

Posted by: mois

Should Node Pro, with an Corsair SF600 and maybe chassi fan upgrade, be a dream versatlie eGPU box for a Vega 64?

I think that's the configuration I would want to try (two Thunderbolt ports plus most powerful AMD card and a power supply to power it). I have no experience with it though. An even better eGPU would have DisplayPort inputs and a USB output to/from a TitanRidge but it doesn't exist yet.

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July 29, 2018 7:28 pm  

@mois I don't have technical details as to why or how the Thunderbolt 3 PCIe expansion enclosures may not perform at the same level as eGFX enclosures when used with an eGPU. It's likely the firmware for eGFX is optimized for single purpose of external graphics while PCIe expansion is not. You can contact Intel Thunderbolt for clarification.

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October 3, 2018 2:40 am  

"Drop a Vega card inside this thing and you’ll be packing serious heat."

This doesn't have enough power for a Vega 64 from what I am seeing. Only a vega 56 would work I think

Macbook Pro mid 2015
AkiTio Node Pro with Tb2 -> Tb3 adapter
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November 9, 2018 9:47 pm  

Real world results for my Node Pro...
Macbook Pro 2017 high Sierra 10.13.4 With GeForce 1080 Ti 11gb 
Render time in premiere pro for a one minute video..
Macbook Pro Gpu : 15:37.99
+egpu OpenCL : 3:46.67
+egpu CUDA : 1:57.95


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