Akitio Node PSU busted or not enough?
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Akitio Node PSU busted or not enough?  


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I just bought an akitio node and was trying my old r9 390 on it, but the gpu didn't turn on. The node was on, the light behind and blue led and fan in front turned on. The node was detected by my laptop, but not the gpu.


I have the MSI R9 390 that works in my desktop and was thinking that maybe the node gpu just didn't have enough juice? I'm still waiting for the GTX 1660 Super that I ordered, which I read has a lower power need, is it correct? Would the node psu be enough? 


Also, if the psu is busted, the lights wouldn't have turned on, right?

looks like the front fan and led turn off after the initial boot of the node. I have the pci-e 8pin and 6pin plugged in. See album for pics.

[Album]( https://www.imgur.com/a/kOr507k)




R9 390: https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/R9-390-GAMING-8G/Specification


GTX 1660 SUPER : https://www.asus.com/TUF-Gaming/TUF-3-GTX1660S-6G-GAMING/speci fications/

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PSU should be enough, what are you trying to pair it with? Was the GPU not detected at all in device manager? Or was it just not detected as the correct GPU?

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I'm pairing it with an i7 Dell XPS 13 7390 2in1. The GPU was totally not detected in the device manager. Are there some settings I should change? I haven't changed anything, thinking it is plug n play.


I also haven't installed any drivers because the auto install app of AMD couldn't detect the R9 390.

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I also own an Akitio Node and performed a recent build with an MSI 1080Ti Gaming X.  Despite the different chipset our MSI cards are very similar in appearance and specs:


However, compare power specs between our MSI cards & you'll see that your R9 390 is rated slightly higher at 275 Watts vs mine at 250 Watts.  Mine actually draws closer to 300 Watts but the real concern here is that Akitio explicitly lists my MSI card as incompatible partly due to the high power draw (see Incompatible Graphics at the bottom of this page).  


If your MSI card draws even more power it's possible that may be enough to trip the overload on the Node's stock 400 Watt PS.  For these situations Akitio offers an upgraded 500 Watt PS for the Node:


It appears both our MSI cards are also 2.5 slots wide.  These will work in the Node but with the cover removed.  Another Node owner found a better solution by modifying the cover by cutting out the area where the card was wider and adding a grill painted to match the rest of the Node.  It looks awesome too.  Sorry I couldn't find that post or I'd link it here.  It was within the last couple of months.  Frankly I just leave the cover off on mine - doesn't look as polished but the MSI twin frozr fans look pretty sweet with the cover off.

One last item.  Despite Akitio's warning about my MSI 1080 Ti it actually works with the Node's stock 400 Watt PS.  I'd assume yours would also since it's only 25 watts more.  You may want to browse through some of the other Radeon builds.  Mine were Nvidia builds but were definitely not plug & play.  I had to disable some hardware in Windows 10 device manager to free up the resources for the eGPU to be recognized.  This requires some trial and error and can be frustrating if you haven't done it before.  Reviewing previous builds for your computer and graphics card may save you some time.

Best of luck!  I'm very happy with my Node + 2.5 slot MSI setup & hope the same for you!

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