Akitio Node TB3 is too heavy, how do reduce the weight?
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Akitio Node TB3 is too heavy, how do reduce the weight?  


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A relative of mine visiting me in India from the US was going to bring me an Akitio Node TB3 but it's too heavy for them to bring. Is there any way to reduce the weight of the Node by perhaps disassembling parts of the case and only leaving what's necessary?

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It's the metal construction weight that makes it heavy. Consider itsage's weight comparison comment at https://egpu.io/sonnet-breakaway-box-review-cool-quiet/

The Sonnet Breakaway Box enclosure construction is different than both the AKiTiO Node and Mantiz Venus that I reviewed. It reminds me of a standard desktop tower given the similarity in materials and top cover held in place by the three thumb screws. The metal cage frame is minimal but sturdy. This construction makes the whole enclosure very light. The matte finish front fascia is made of plastic. The Sonnet logo serves as a power light when there’s connectivity with a Thunderbolt host.

You therefore may consider sourcing a Sonnet Breakaway Box instead. It weights 3.20kgs compared to the Node's 4.90kgs (+53%).

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The inner and outer parts take up about the same space. Therefore it doesn't make sense to take the AKiTiO Node apart when travel. The essential components (Thunderbolt 3 board, PCIe slot board, SFX PSU, and .5m TB3 cable) however would save 70% of volume and weight.

If you're cool with making a custom case yourself, this would be my recommendation.

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