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Another potential eGFX kickstarter?  


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I stumbled on this upcoming kickstarter campaign:

Their has videos that seem to indicate a working prototype. I'm not sure what to think after the results of previous kickstarters, but a 3 slot enclosure would be breaking new ground.

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They tried to fund the Mac mini slot in version but failed. 

At least they are honest with how this idea of solution works. 
Three separate thunderbolt boards and connections sharing one single case. 
Although the Mac mini have four ports it only have two controllers which means one controller will have to be shared with the ssd. 

As an idea, I like it. 
As something that Intel would certify, it might be tricky. 

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Visit their website to see the connection requirement.

Since they're all separate then maybe Intel will give it a pass. The only issue I can see is that they all share the same power supply but I don't know Intel's certification requirements.

It's kind of Mac centric because no PC has more than two Thunderbolt ports. Their old prototype was too specific to the Mac mini. This new design is better and still has a Mac mini shape.

They should add three downstream Thunderbolt 3 ports, and specify it for non-eGPU so they can get it certified by Intel unless Intel won't certify something that makes using GPUs too easy? For example, any Thunderbolt PCIe enclosure can be used for a GPU, but you need to add a separate power supply. With this, you don't need a separate power supply.

I don't understand why the three Thunderbolt 3 ports are not evenly spaced.

I don't recognize the middle (four M.2?) and right most (four 2.5"?) PCIe cards shown on the web page. Are they photoshopped? The four M.2 is super short - it could have a SATA controller on the rear - probably too small for NVMe (the left most PCIe card is probably NVMe with PCIe switch). I haven't seen a PCIe card with 2.5" drives in a vertical orientation before.


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