Aorus 1070 Gaming Box + Yoga 920 = Artifacting
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Aorus 1070 Gaming Box + Yoga 920 = Artifacting  


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I've been trying to diagnose this issue for 3 months. I have a Gigabyte 1070 Aorus Gaming Box. It is an eGPU (chassis + mini-ITX card that can be removed). Every time I try to use it I get crazy artifacting in games. 
Sent the card and chassis to Gigabyte and they said they couldn't find an issue with the card and sent it back.

Even if there is no fix, if someone can point to what is causing this I will feel less like I'm taking crazy pills.


Gigabyte Aorus 1070 gaming box
Lenovo Yoga 920 (I7-8550U 16gb ram)
External Monitor (LG)



Tonnes of artifacting and flashing on screen, even when the card isn't under a heavy load.

Games ran fine for almost a year when this started up all the sudden. Sent the card back to gigabyte and they said 'No problem here' and sent it back. Worked again for a bit then the artifacting starts cropping up again.

Weird thing is all the diagnostics seem to say the card is all good. Not too hot, cpu and gpu utilization is fine, vram usage isn't spiking or anything. Ran furmark stress test and everything looks ok.

Weird thing is, frame rates etc SEEM fine. The games run, stuff is just all over the screen. Artifacting starts right away as soon as a game launches, gets progressively worse. Computer operation is fine outside of games while connecting to the gpu.


Videos of the issue:



What I've tried: Reinstalling drivers, updating bios, new thunderbolt 3 cable, using the card with a second laptop my wife's Yoga 730 (same specs-ish just 2 lane thunderbolt), DDU the drivers from the system and reinstall clean, checking if page file is corrupt.


What I haven't tried:  putting the card in a separate test bench, clean windows install, laptop memory or pcie bus testing.


To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.